What was your favourite colour in your childhood? I think your answer should be PINK... Why? Because in 80's and 90's toys and books for girls were pink and there were not so much colour choice for female young people.

In the histoty Pink was not only the pretty, lovable and conventional colour for girls. For Vikings pink was the symbol of war and masculinity and it is not true that is limit choiches and decisions in life!!

Springtime is arriving so it's time to dress a special cloth so... why don't you buy a pink dress?

Thinking about vikings, today I want to show you some interesting long pink dress for special occasions to transform you. JUST FASHION NOW and become  a MODERN PINK PRINCESS.

 For this spring and summer choose a  PINK MAXI DRESS with special pink shades and modern design.  

Their dress perfectly but you have always to think first at your silhouette. If you are tall and thin you can choose a lot of models because you have the perfect body but if you are not tall or have got over size you have to pay attention to find something that hide your high weight so you can take a look to these models. They are great to hide your true silhouette.

These dresses are lovely and fashionable. And their pink colour is light so you will not appear as a candy!

Their modern design shows the high the refined high quality of each dress. I love the charm and price is really cheap instead of a boutique.
If you have free time and much money you can choose to find your best pink dress on a boutique too. If you prefer to look for a special offer and you haven't time to find it in a real shop you can simply find your perfect pink dress online. I usally use  were I can find a lot of great and cheap clothes and dresses too. if you are looking for more please check on STYLEWE too ! 

I always do my choice thinking first about my real silhouette. To be honest with ourselves is the first right step to find the perfect dress.

If you want to learn something more about lifestyle and fashion, if you want to discover the hystory of some fashion accessory or dress you can visit STYLEWE blog and read its topics. Today I discovered this post DRESSING TIPS ABOUT RAGLAN SLEEVE I found it really interesting !